Please, read this. It won't hurt :)

Hello. I'm Emily (not my real name of course) and I'm 16. As I mentioned in my "About Me", I love Briana Evigan and I visit this fansite about her www.brianaevigan.sblog.cz (which is like the best site ever) and the girl who manages it (her name is Michaela) is a nice girl and she's had the site for over 3 years and she is friends with Briana and she really wants to go to L.A. to meet her. Being the fan I am, I like them both and I want to help Michaela somehow. She doesn't have much money, the trip is expensive -flight,hotel,and so on. She's a student. Some other girl is doing a fundraiser for Michaela on Facebook (using PayPal), it already has 130 dollars but it's not much. The girl wants to raise 2,000 which is a lot but if we got 400 people who could give 5 dollars (or more of course. One man gave 100) she could get the money, or at least a part of it and it would help her.. make her dream come true. So I was wondering if you could donate and then post about this on your blog to get more people, or just write about it so people know. Please help me, I want to help this girl. She deserves it. She has been working very hard on the site for so many years and she just does so many things and puts up with all the fans and their questions and gives us news on Briana and she connects us with Briana. I think she really deserves our help. 5 dollars is not much :)

The girl who does the fundraiser has a blog about it - it has more information

and then here is a link to the fundraiser page where you can donate -


  1. Thank you for your comment on my "Jules and the Stars" blog. I have read Michaela's blog today (first time) and I have to say I think it's an amazing goal and I hope she reaches it.

    That being said, your blog comment didn't make sense. I have never visited her site so I'm guessing she has stopped by a time or two on a site of mine. I wish you both the best of luck, but unfortunately her journey will have to be done without myself. Nothing personal, I just have other charities I support and will continue with those.

    Good luck!

  2. I apologize, looking back (at the link you provided) I did in fact visit and follow that blog. The link I clicked took me somewhere else. So I apologize and appreciate you sending me a new link!

    Have a fabulous New Year!